March against anti-Semitism: what is the Golem collective, which blocked the way to the far right?

Before joining the procession, the elected representatives of the National Rally were slowed down. The far-right party, like that of Éric Zemmour, Reconquest, wanted to participate in the march against anti-Semitism this Sunday in Paris. The day before, a collective was formed to prevent them from joining the procession : the Golem collective, which brings together “left-wing Jews who fight against anti-Semitism”.

In total, between 80 and 90 activists gathered to “block the RN”, according to Jonas Cardoso, one of the instigators of the collective. “We knew we wouldn’t last long, but there had to be an expression of rejection,” says Fabienne Messica, who is also part of it. Yes, we must fight anti-Semitism, but we cannot do it with far-right parties. »

If Rebellious France called for a gathering on the sidelines of the march, the other Nupes parties were present on Sunday, maintaining a distance from the National Rally. The Golem collective went further. “We wanted to tell them to leave,” continues Fabienne Messica. It is an insult to Jewish history that anti-Semitic far-right parties demonstrate against anti-Semitism. »

For the Golem, Marine Le Pen’s camp “has not changed”. He regrets that the resurgence of anti-Semitic violence since October 7 has aroused fear to the point that some consider the RN as a bulwark against these acts. The positioning of the collective also created dissension in the procession on Sunday. “Protesters joined us, thanked us, because they were bothered by the presence of the extreme right,” says Fabienne Messica. But others called us useful idiots and verbally abused us: they want us dead, they want to kill the Jews in Israel and France. »

According to the member of the Human Rights League (LDH), the police detained the group for a while. If the Golem was also deprived of certain signs, Me Arié Alimi intervened so that he could rejoin the procession. At the forefront during the march, the lawyer, known for his commitment against police violence, is at the source of the movement. “He is in contact with lots of people who share our thoughts,” confirms Fabienne Messica. He did the work of bringing us together. He was a glue, he was a friend for many people. »

Fight against “all forms of racism”

In addition to the media lawyer, the collective is made up of “many young people”. The movement was driven by a call from Jonas Pardo, trainer in the fight against anti-Semitism, and Jonas Cardoso. “In our entourage, people who wanted to demonstrate had a lump in their stomach at the idea of ​​marching alongside the extreme right,” recalls the second city. Something had to be created. »

Together, they contacted ociations of “Jews and left-wing Jews”, youth organizations until a group on a messaging service, “at first informal”, brought together more than 150 people. The figure of the Golem came from the mind of the designer who imagined the group’s logo. “The tale of the Golem has cultural resonance for Jews and also refers to anti-Semitism,” explains Fabienne Messica. Members’ opinions on the war in the Middle East brought them together. The Golem is not only dedicated to blocking anti-Semitism. “We defend the right to exist of everyone and we reject hatred of Jews, Muslims, and all forms of racism,” she summarizes.

The movement will therefore not be limited to last weekend’s march: the group wants to influence the public debate and bring justice to “this period of confusion”. On the subject of the war between Israel and Hamas, he intends to “bring people to have a more rational vision and guide them towards a solution”. “We do not want this tragedy to continue. Totally demonizing one camp or the other creates racism, adds the LDH member. Nazifying Israel or the Palestinians would amount to justifying that we can do anything to them because they would be Nazis. There is a verbal delirium. »

“The goal is for Golem to become a refuge for those who do not find themselves in the fight against anti-Semitism, who want to fight sincerely, where the extreme right uses it only to promote Islamophobia and xenophobia,” continues Jonas Cardoso.

If this action remains above all aimed at the RN and other Reconquest, there exists “an ambiguous minority within the left”, notes Fabienne Messica. The latter accuses certain elected officials of not being interested in the question of Israeli hostages. “As a whole, LFI has not fallen into this trap, but a few individuals, whose political words are widely relayed, have. These voices are not representative of their movement, but anti-Semitism must be fought within them. »

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