Marianne ends up, France 3 beaten by a replay of Mongeville on C8

The audiences of Wednesday, September 21, 2022 for programs broadcast in the first part of the evening.

On Wednesday evening, France 2 came out on top in the ratings with Marianne . The last two episodes of the series worn by Marilou Berry attracted an average of 3.2 million viewers, or 16.8% audience share. Compared to last week, fiction gleaned 440,000 people and 3 points from PDA. Opposite, TF1 was broadcasting good doctor . The sequel to the American hospital series with Freddie Highmore brought together an average of 2.4 million followers, or 13% of the public.

M6 follows with “The Best Pastry Chef”. The competition hosted by Marie Portolano, Cyril Lignac and Mercotte attracted 2.1 million viewers, or 12.1% audience share. At the foot of the podium, C8 rebroadcast Mongeville . The detective series with Francis Perrin brought together 1.5 million people, or 8.4% of PDA.

France 3 comes fifth with "Jamy's World". The magazine presented by Jamy Gourmaud and dedicated to the brain interested 1 million curious people, or 5.5% of the public.

Audiences for the first part of the evening of Wednesday, September 21


France 2 TV program


3,471,000 viewers


TF1 TV program

good doctor

2,647,000 viewers


M6 TV program

The best pastry chef

2,057,000 viewers


C8 TV program


1,485,000 viewers


France 3 TV program

Jamy's world

1,042,000 viewers

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