Marie Denarnaud (Les Adoptés, HPI), a very discreet heroine

PORTRAIT – Revealed by Xavier Giannoli in Impatient Bodiesthe actress plays a touching widow in Repercussionsa TV movie the polar opposite of HPI broadcast on December 6 on France 2.

“I know I didn’t come into the light all at once. Looking back, I tell myself that it was ultimately fortunate. I love burlesque as much as tragedy or poetry. Above all, I like being a tool in the hands of those I trust. In this I am very moldable. And I never have stage fright. Alas for me. Sacha Guitry would have said that stage fright comes with talent. So, I’m not sure I have many…”. Some actresses, an undeniable fact, are more discreet than others, only showing themselves when necessary, without much play, without fuss, without denying anything about their trajectory or their filmography. So Marie Denarnaud45 years including twenty of an eclectic career, sometimes surprising, but ultimately exemplary.

In Repercussions “friends’ TV movie” in the vein of Small Handkerchiefs , Wednesday December 6 on France 2, she is Salomé, the widow, the mother, the friend swallowed up by the tsunami of mourning for the man she loves, made impossible by these very circumstances. Sebastian (Charlie Dupont) lost his life in a serious car accident after a drunken birthday party at their best friend Paul’s house (David Kammenos). “He went to the party alone because they had an argumentcomments the actress. Can you imagine the guilt I have to carry? » We can imagine it all the better since it soon turned into a legal procedure whose consequences had the immediate effect of disbanding the gang.

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“I really liked this shootshe confides. For the premise it defends, the great casting, the director Virginie Wagon, whose direction of actors is impeccable, and the poetry which emanates from this sad story. » She herself is generous, graceful, natural, intense. As in THE Impatient bodies , by Xavier Giannoli. As in A banal story, by Audrey Estrougo. As in The Adopteesof Melanie Laurent. As already in Love youfirst role and first film, questionable, today unobtainable, by Patrick Sébastien.

Pionate about archeology

“I have been criticized for certain choices. I answer that I take things as they come as long as they inspire me. When Patrick Sébastien contacted me to Love you, I didn’t know who he was. I was 22 years old. There had never been a TV in my house. The film is what it is, but I don’t deny it. It allowed me to understand that I wanted to do this job. » As a child, she dreamed of theater. As a teenager, at the Jules-Ferry high school in Versailles, she was looking for herself. As a young woman, she was pionate about archaeology. Before registering for the Cours Florent. Today, Marie Denarnaud is an actress and the mother of a 9-year-old girl.

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Without despairing of being called upon one day to play a great tragedian on the stages of a national theater – we saw her notably in the adaptation of King Kong Theoryof Virginie Despentes, at the Théâtre de l’Atelier – she follows her trajectory as an actress. On television, she plays the commissioner of the TF1 series HPI with obvious pleasure, illuminates Repercussionshappily prostitutes herself in Boleroupcoming filmAnne Fontaine on the composer Maurice Ravel, and responds to Meow-Meow In Flashesdetective fiction soon on France 2. “Marie Denarnaud has something irresistibly inspiring. She is bright »admitted actress and director Mélanie Laurent during the release of her first film, The Adopteesin 2011. Obviously, it is.

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