Marie Myriam harshly criticizes La Zarra after her middle finger at Eurovision

Obviously, the interpreter of The Bird and the Child did not believe in the justifications of the Quebec singer.

Saturday evening, they were 3.5 million viewers, or 25.6% audience share, to follow on France 2 the 67th edition of theEurovision . Like many of them, Mary Miriam was shocked by the gesture made by La Zarra . Indeed, a few minutes before the victory of Sweden’s Loreenthe Quebec singer, representing France, indulged in a toz, a sort of middle finger, discovering that she had only received 50 points from the public in each country, thus finishing in 16th place of the general clification.

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“This gesture of La Zarra at the end of the evening because she did not win, it is really shocking”lamented, in an interview with Parisian the last French winner at Eurovision (1977) with the title The Bird and the Child. In a message posted on Instagram, the interpreter ofObviously explained that it was not “In no way a middle finger, it’s a gesture of disappointment which means ‘whatever’ which could be translated as ‘so be it'”.

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Not to convince Marie Myriam. “Watch the video, it’s a middle finger! What a shame ! I am extremely disappointed because this is just not possible. She made this gesture seated in an armchair with French flags behind her. France does not deserve this! She justifies herself by saying that this gesture expresses disappointment in Moroccan culture, but it will start a racist controversy that we really don’t need… I know exactly the stress we feel before singing, when we count the points , the tension which rises… But nothing explains that one slips!added the 66-year-old singer calling La Zarra a sore loser.

During the preparation of the latter, Marie Myriam had not hesitated to support her. “I supported her on my Facebook page, where I wrote: “What an artist!”. I am all the more disappointed and sad that she had spoken a lot about me and said that when she was little, her mother sang to her The Bird and the Child. I had sent her a short message to support her.she concluded visibly bitter.

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