Marine Le Pen-Jordan Bardella, a duo between confidence and control

Marine Le Pen-Jordan Bardella, a duo between confidence and control

Jdoes ordan Bardella have the head of a dolphin? Historians of the National Front (FN, now National Rally), like its most recent recruits, know the fate reserved by the Lepenist party for its number two. It was summed up by Jean-Marie Le Pen, in a cruel animal metaphor: “The destiny of dolphins is sometimes to run aground. » With him, it was always. ” The pen “as his daughter calls him, then evoked the fate of Bruno Gollnisch, his heir apparent, whose chances he had thus undermined of taking the reins of the party at the 2011 congress. Gollnisch was preparing to join the history books of the FN, as before him François Duprat, Jean-Pierre Stirbois, Bruno Mégret – the first two, died prematurely, the last after the failure of his attempt to supplant the founder of the party, in 1999.

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Under Marine Le Pen, their fate was no better. Florian Philippot was gradually pushed out after the failure in the 2017 presidential election, before other top executives: Nicolas Bay and Marion Maréchal. “The principle of the Le Pens has always been to rely on numbers two who are more organized than them”recalls the historian Nicolas Lebourg, who wrote In the shadow of the Le Pens. A story of the number two of the FN (New World, 2012). ” This partition between the incarnation and the machinist has always caused tensions and posed the question of the loyalty of the latter. From there is born another principle: the dolphin of Le Pen always becomes its lightning rod. »

Since November 2022, the National Rally (RN) has been introduced to two-headedness, with a president who is not quite a leader, and a leader who is called “Madame la president” since she led a group of 88 deputies in the National Assembly. What to watch with interest the evolution of a relationship hitherto cloudless, but troubled by the recent initiatives of Jordan Bardella.

Two indisputable legitimacies

After timid beginnings, he asserts himself as a number one bis. His election as party leader created an unprecedented situation. Here he is anointed with the militant vote, very largely (85% of the votes), facing an opponent who had nothing of a stooge, the mayor of Perpignan and former number two of the party, Louis Aliot. Therefore, two indisputable legitimacies face each other: that drawn from the vote of the members, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, that linked to the anteriority of the fight and to the presidency of the RN group in the National Assembly. .

This is how the young president of the RN can allow himself strong initiatives without seeking the authorization of Marine Le Pen, like this interview given to Opinion, February 23, the eve of the first anniversary of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. He says there what Marine Le Pen does not say: that the withdrawal of Russian troops “and the return to full sovereignty of Ukraine” are a prerequisite for any peace negotiation. Let the Russian army multiply war crimes. that there was “a collective naivety with regard to the intentions and ambitions of Vladimir Putin”. “Including in our camp”, he will explain later. A stone in the garden of Marine Le Pen, particularly stingy in criticism of the master of the Kremlin.

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