Marine Le Pen’s new war against the EU

By Paul Laubacher

Published ,

Geert Wilders, Matteo Salvini and Marine Le Pen, in May 2019, in Milan. ALESSANDRO GAROFALO/REUTERS

DECRYPTION – The nationalist and populist surge in Europe has not escaped Marine Le Pen, who has toughened her speech on the European Union.

Marine Le Pen really enjoyed her stay in Portugal. In Lisbon, on November 24, the congress of the European Identity and Democracy (ID) party was held. The former candidate of National Rally (RN) in the presidential election found all its allies on the continent, gathered in the group of the same name in the European Parliament. André Ventura, head of the Portuguese Chega party, had invited them. The mood is good among European nationalists. One of their ally, the sulphurous Geert Wilders, came first in the parliamentary elections in the Netherlands. He played it like Marine Le Pen: less excesses, more moderation and a program centered on immigration but also purchasing power. Gerof Annemnans, of the Belgian Vlaams Belang party, then said: “It’s sailorism that’s being exported!”

Since then, the polls have made the parties that make up the ID group dizzy. In France, the RN list led by Jordan Bardella is credited with around 28% of voting intentions. In Austria…

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