Marion Maréchal wants to build “a new right-wing force”

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Guest of the “RTL Grand Jury-Le Figaro-M6-Paris Première”, the head of the Reconquête list wishes to “put an end to the ambivalence” of the Republicans in the European Parliament.

It is the future of the European Union that will be decided during the election next June, if we are to believe Marion Maréchal. Guest of the “RTL Grand Jury-Le Figaro-M6-Paris Première”, the head of the Reconquête list wants to enter “the historic opportunity to change the majority in the European Parliament”today held by the center and the liberals. “We have the possibility of seeing conservative parties become the real center of gravity (…) so that the European Union is no longer created against the interests of the French”she continued.

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Caught between the RN and LR, Marion Maréchal once again reached out to right-wing elected officials to “put around the table” in the run-up to the European elections. “There are individuals with whom I would like to work: François-Xavier BellamyBruno Retailleau, Nadine Morano, Julien Aubert…”she listed, claiming not to have «denemies on the right ». Before you ping: “the problem is that today they are prisoners in an alliance with the center which is pushing them to political death.” By managing to bring together the benches of the right, Marion Maréchal would particularly like “end the ambivalence” of LR MEPs in the European Parliament, who according to her would align with the majority ofUrsula von der Leyen and not on the ideas for which “they were elected”.

“No political party can win alone”

To stand out from the game, the candidate ofEric Zemmour wishes to take advantage of the European elections to break down barriers to build “a new right-wing force”. Unsurprisingly, the latter thus delivered her score on the“union of rights”demanded in vain by Reconquest in the last presidential election and then in the legislative elections. “The majority of right-wing voters, LR, RN and Reconquest, are for this alliance”she argued, determined to “install a new right-wing offer ». And to warn: “No political party, no more than the RN or any other, can win alone.. The head of the RN list, Jordan Bardellahad for his part declared not to despair of seeing his competitor “join the camp of those who can win”.

By rushing into the race for the EuropeansReconquest, which did not win any deputies in the last legislative elections, also hopes to experience a new lease of life. “I do not consider that the adventure ofÉric Zemmour in the presidential election is a failure. I see a lot of exciting prospects”swept Marion Maréchal.

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