“Marion Maréchal will lead the Reconquest list! for Europeans”

“These European elections are a fundamental deadline”, said Éric Zemmour on Monday in Paris. Francois BOUCHON / François Bouchon / Le Figaro

EXCLUSIVE MAINTENANCE – The President of Reconquest! believes that he can “campaign and defend his conception of Europe without necessarily being at the top of the list”.

LE FIGARO. – Will you be the head of the Reconquest! list for the 2024 European elections?

Eric ZEMMOUR. – I decided to entrust Marion Maréchal the mission to lead the Reconquest list! for the European elections. I hope that she will be accompanied by the whole young generation, from all the right-wing parties, who joined me during the presidential election and that they achieve the highest score possible.

You have been a presidential and legislative candidate. Why skip your turn?

I do not intend to be a candidate in all elections. I am not a politician like any other. I ran in the presidential election for specific reasons and I will not systematically be a candidate in all elections. Marion Maréchal has talent. The whole young generation of my party also has a lot of talent and I believe that they will be very capable of defending my conception of Europe, my conception of civilisation. As President…

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