Marlena Maląg: This year’s elections will be about the future of Poland

This year’s elections will be about the future of Poland, whether the country will remain strong, independent, self-governing, i.e. the one created by Law and Justice today, or dependent on others, said the Minister of Family and Social Policy Marlena Maląg on Sunday in Ostrów Wielkopolski.

The head of the family department, Marlena Maląg, met on Sunday with the inhabitants of Ostrów Wlkp.

“We are starting a great journey for the future of our country. We want to talk to you about plans for a strong and good future. It is people who will decide in which direction Poland should go and how it should develop,” she said.

She reminded that the PiS election program from 2015 was not created in the privacy of offices, but through conversations with Poles. She promised that it would be so this time, and the goal would be to build a strong Poland.

“It must be modern, independent and based on a strong foundation, i.e. the family,” she declared.

She admitted that the last two years have been very difficult for the government and the country. The reason is the coronavirus pandemic and the outbreak of war in Ukraine. Despite these difficulties, as the minister noted, the PiS government did not limit social programs.

“Our flagship program that changed the face of Polish families is +Rodzina 500 plus+. It is already over PLN 240 billion that went to Polish families. Every month, over 7 million children receive this benefit,” she stressed.

She added that people and family are important to the Law and Justice government. That is why istance programs are intended for children, parents and seniors. This year, PLN 5.5 billion will be allocated to the toddler plus programme. In her opinion, seniors also have worthy valorisation of the 13th and 14th pensions. This year, the government will allocate at least PLN 70 billion for this purpose, she said in Ostrów Wlkp.

Other social programs include a good start, a maternity benefit for those parents who have brought up at least four children and have not acquired the right to a minimum pension, or family care capital, she mentioned. She emphasized that before 2016 there was no such support.

According to the head of the family ministry, this year’s elections will be about the future of Poland, whether the country will remain strong, independent, self-governing, i.e. the one that, according to her, Law and Justice creates today, or dependent on others. Can citizens count on state aid, or is it supposed to be chaos funded by the opposition, i.e. a quarrel over positions, she said.

“They cannot come to terms with the defeat, they are hurt that PiS works for another man. We do not want a return to the times in which they ruled, or what happened in the times of the People’s Republic of Poland. We also do not want Balcerowicz’s soulless reforms, when Polish families felt insecure, when unemployment was galloping and millions of unemployed could not count on state aid, she pointed out.

According to Marlena Maląg, Poland must be safe, which is why the ruling party also focuses on rebuilding the army and a strong position in NATO.

“Today, we are the leader in all activities in the European Union and internationally. This is the strength of our diplomacy, the efforts undertaken both by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, but above all by our president Jarosław Kaczyński,” she said.

The PiS government – as she emphasized – proved that it can help people in difficult times.

“The opposition said that coal was to be scarce and Poles were to stay in cold houses. There is no shortage of coal, we have even introduced subsidies for its purchase” – she gave an example.

According to the minister, the current government cares about the increase in the minimum wage, which will amount to PLN 3,600 this year, and about setting the hourly rate for people who work under civil law contracts.

“We will help because we have money. This is because we sealed the support that the PO dedicated to the elites during its rule, and the VAT mafias were supported,” she declared. (PAP)

Author: Ewa Bakowska

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