Marlène Schiappa describes herself within the government “orchestra”: “Sometimes a violin takes flight”

Does she see herself as a soloist or does she want to play a leader? This Tuesday morning, Marlène Schiappa compared the government to a formation of clical musicians. After his pictures in Playboy magazinehis interview at the weekly people Closerthe Secretary of State in charge of the Social and Solidarity Economy and ociative Life is if not threatened, at least weakened. Critics and mockery rain down internally.

“We are a government of around forty ministers, it’s like an orchestra”, compared Schiappa on Europe 1. “The conductor is the Prime Minister, and each one makes his little music”, a- she continued. “When you listen to an opera, there are different simultaneous musical notes, you have choirs, you have soloists, you have a violin that takes a little flight at a moment. The important thing is that all of this is at the service of the same melody, that is to say of the same project, that of the President of the Republic, ”said the Secretary of State.

“I am a minister to the Prime Minister, so yes we are in dialogue”, she answers the question of whether she had warned Élisabeth Borne of her interview in Closer. Le Parisien had written that the principle of this interview had received the green light from Matignon. And to continue: “1) our relations are good and 2) they are working relations. The Prime Minister wants all her ministers to be at work, she has high standards, she is right to have them and I try to meet them as best I can”.

Praising her longevity within the executive – “it’s been almost six years since I’ve been told that I won’t last long” – she claims not to play the “people” card.

“I go everywhere, I’m not afraid of anything! »

Admittedly, she is sometimes “exposed” for her choices of publication or for her private life, but “I do not expose my children, I have never given their first names or posed with them”, she says. These choices are “a way of addressing the French who do not listen to political broadcasts and who have the right to be informed”. “I go everywhere, I’m not afraid of anything! “, she erts.

Asked again about the Marianne Fund, created in 2021 to finance projects to fight against separatism, following the ination of Samuel Patyand whose management led to the creation of a Senate inquiry committee, Marlène Schiappa reiterated her feelings: “Defamation takes the elevator and the truth takes the stairs. A few weeks ago, some tweeted or even headlined articles based on unverified information, with badly written and quickly copied dispatches in which I was accused of embezzlement. It is demonstrated today that I have no friend among any recipient of the Marianne Fund. It’s swept away. I didn’t take a penny. It is essential to restore the truth. I was defamed in this case,” she said.

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