Martyr Colonel went to the earthquake area voluntarily

Martyr Colonel went to the earthquake area voluntarily

It was stated that the Gendarmerie Pilot Senior Colonel Oğuzhan Adalıoğlu, who was martyred as a result of being hit by the propeller while directing the helicopter for take-off in Kahramanmaraş, froze his retirement and went to the earthquake zone to give support voluntarily.

Martyr Colonel went to the earthquake area voluntarily

The body of Martyr Adalıoğlu (50) was taken from the morgue and brought to Kahramanmaraş Airport by a funeral transport vehicle.

A catafalka on the apron was placed on the shoulders of the body ceremonial squad wrapped in the Turkish flag. After a moment of silence, Adalıoğlu’s biography was read.

Gendarmerie General Commander General Arif Çetin, in his speech at the ceremony, stated that they lost a very valuable and valuable comrade in arms in a helicopter crash on the first month of the earthquake, which was described as the disaster of the century.

Emphasizing that Adalıoğlu worked with great sacrifices in his 28-year professional life, Çetin said, “While our hero friend was about to complete this sacred duty, which he did with his honor and honor by submitting his retirement petition last month, he voluntarily served here after the earthquake, freezing his retirement in these days when we are experiencing the disaster of the century.” said.

Çetin stated that after the earthquake, the gendarmerie will continue to work with other institutions and organizations, soldiers, police and volunteers to heal the wounds of the victims.

Pointing out that they showed sensitivity to prevent accidents in this process, Çetin said, “We flew for 2,100 hours, transported nearly 600 tons of materials, thousands of our vehicles participated in the rescue activities in the disaster area, we stood with precision so that there would be no accident, but unfortunately, we said goodbye to my hero friend forever.” he said.

Expressing that they will continue to do their duty to protect the unity and integrity of the country, and to protect the life and property of the citizens, Çetin said, “May the soul of our martyr rest in peace, we commemorate our martyrs with gratitude and gratitude, and we wish our hero veterans a speedy recovery from Allah. There is death, no return. If we give thousands of martyrs, we will continue to walk in the footsteps of our martyrs so that our flag will fly forever for the country and the nation.” said.

The body of Adalıoğlu, who is married and has two children, was later sent off to Ankara by a plane belonging to the Turkish Air Force.

It was learned that the funeral of the martyred colonel will be buried in his hometown Eskişehir.

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