Mathieu Bastareaud, after his victorious return to Toulon: "I've come a long way"

Mathieu Bastareaud, after the victory of Toulon against Clermont on Sunday evening (30-29) : “Particular is the word. For me there was a lot of emotional charge. I am coming back from far. It went really well. I was happy to be able to push back the lawn of Mayol. I have bottle. I knew how to handle this. This scratching was a way of testing me, of reassuring me. It's good, it was a weak time for us, it allowed us to reassure ourselves.

I am someone who does not give up easily. I know where I come from, what I did to come back. it wasn't a little finger that was going to stop me. I was sure to play, I prepared to play. Apart from a Hurricane or whatever, not much could have stopped me from playing.

The love given to me by the public is reciprocal. In the field, I never cheated. I have always given 200%. The public of Mayol likes generous players on the ground. »

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