Mathieu Kovitz speaks after his accident: “I’m 56, maybe I need to stop being an hole”

Victim of a serious motorcycle accident, a little over a week agoe, Mathieu Kovitz is no longer in danger but has caused a great scare to his family and his admirers. The director of “La Haine” returned this Sunday in a poignant message on his Instagram account on the circumstances of his heavy fall, which could have led to terrible consequences.

But first, true to himself and his humanist convictions, he spoke about the dramatic earthquake in Morocco: “My heart obviously goes out to the Moroccans and everything that happens there » he began, before returning to his accident.

“I had a motorcycle accident because I love it, and I’m pionate about it. We had a great driving session. At the end of the day, the director of the flight school wanted to do a baptism with my daughter. He asked me to go ahead on the circuit. I said to myself I have to push, act a bit like a superhero for my daughter and then I headed straight into the safety railing. Fortunately only the legs were affected,” says the “Amen” actor, with a smile on his face, full of joy at having escaped death in this terrible accident.

“I’m an idiot, I’m a bad biker,” he then jokes about his talents on the handlebars of racing cars.

The director then launches into a tribute to the French hospital and its staff. ” I have been very lucky. They put in a titanium rod. French hospitals, it’s incredible what’s happening there. We take care of you, we take you by the hand, we accompany you. They are paid very little for what they give. But it’s a source of French pride. We know why we pay our taxes,” reacts the man who regularly delights French TV shows for his outspokenness. Mathieu Kovitz took the opportunity to give some details on the condition of his legs.

“Tuna crumb” anklet

“The doctor who received me was sure he was going to amputate me. But they did a great job,” says the man who describes his pulverized ankle and the titanium pins that were installed on him. “I took a huge slap in the face, I discovered this, I am really admiring. My ankle was destroyed, in pieces of tuna, the technical term, I will walk again in X months,” says the filmmaker.

VIDEO. Mathieu Kovitz victim of a serious accident

“Ko” also swears that this accident in the presence of his children “brought (his) family back together”. The “ins” director then launched into a life lesson. “I’ve been an hole for 30 years, because I force myself to be, I force myself to distance myself from reality and fame,” he explains, first of all.

A “gift of life”

“Your reaction shocked me,” he continues, referring to the numerous messages of support received. I’m 56, maybe I need to stop being an hole. And I realize that there are people who love me. It connected me with you. This is a gift of life, which is priceless. Damn guys, live, do stupid things, get lost, not for long, he continues, still intoxicated and moved. You have to live strong. Get up, learn from your mistakes. Learn to take risks,” he says.

“My heart goes out to all the people who experience unjust things. Don’t let the media say that we hate each other, because we love each other,” concludes the award-winning director.

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