Mathilde Seigner’s unexpected reproach to Yann Barthès

Come to promote the play Cabin 21 which she shares the poster with her sister Emmanuelle Seigner, the actress noted that it was her first time in “Quotidien” on TMC.

From September 14, at the Théâtre de la Madeleine in Paris, Mathilde and Emmanuelle Seigner play Marilyn Monroe and Simone Signoret in the play Cabin 21 written by Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt, based on an original idea by Benjamin Castaldi. Wednesday evening on TCM, the two sisters were guests of Yann Barthès in ” Daily “ to talk about this unprecedented collaboration on the boards. “Hello, nice to meet you”Mathilde Seigner politely introduced herself to the presenter and her columnists.

Very quickly, in a first exchange with him, the actress stressed that she was discovering the show. “I’ve never come, this is the first time you’ve invited me”, she said to a Yann Barthes stuttering in surprise. “No, but I’ll say it anyway, I’ve never been invited in seven years! » To defend himself, the TMC host pointed out that “Quotidien” had hosted Emmanuelle Seigner several times. “Well yes but me no, I must not like this type of show”she added, laughing at her briefly embarred interlocutor.

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Ten minutes later, while Yann Barthès asked the guests around the table if they were Simone Signoret or Marilyn Monroe, the journalist Sonia Devillers did not respond and preferred to ask the Seigner sisters how they managed to play all the evenings together. “Ah, that’s a nice question.”instinctively replied Mathilde Seigner. “Are the ones I asked you just before rotten? »echoed Yann Barthès in a general burst of laughter. “Yes, they were pretty rotten”quipped his interlocutor.

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