“Matic took everyone with him”, congratulates Bruno Génésio

The Stade Rennais coach is satisfied with his team’s victory against Panathinaikos on Thursday (3-1), for the 4th day of the Europa League.

Bruno Genesio (Rennes coach, winner of Panathinaikos 3-1 in the Europa League): “I would like to congratulate the whole group (…) We showed a face that I like and which is essential to achieve a high-level performance. Taking this penalty and the expulsion of Jeanuël (Belocian), it certainly allowed us to have a trigger which triggered collective revolt. The one who was decisive was +Nema+ (Matic), he took everyone with him. The group is young, they are lucky to be around such a champion, they have to learn and be very, very attentive to everything he can tell them. He showed the full range of what it takes to be a very high level player. Now, high-level football is about repeat, repeat, repeat. This evening we are very happy, we did the job, we took an option (on qualification), but from Sunday (against Lyon, in the championship) I expect my team to repeat the same type of match with the same qualities“.

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