Mattéo Guendouzi, after OM’s victory against Angers: “We wanted to redeem ourselves”

Mattéo Guendouzi (OM midfielder, after the 3-1 victory against Angers) “It always feels good, especially at home. We had a delicate situation last week with this defeat in Lens. We wanted to redeem ourselves. We knew it was going to be difficult until the end of the season. There are three matches left, we will do everything to win the most points and secure the podium. The goal is to qualify for the Champions League. I really like this club, I will give everything until the end of the season, we will see this summer. But the important thing is to qualify for the Champions League. »

Jordan Veretout (OM midfielder) : “There are still a few points missing but we won’t give up, because it’s the second place that we want to go for. We made this misstep last week against Lens, which hurts. We were keen to react tonight, we showed it in a good way, we had chances, even if we take this goal which hurts us and which we would like to avoid. We were able to react, not to panic even if we know that it can be played at goal average.

“I am happy for Payet. Before being our captain, he is also a friend”

I’m happy for Payet. Before being our captain, he is also a friend. It was difficult for him, he did not always play but he always answered present and it was twice that he returned very well and made the difference. He showed it again tonight with a nice goal and I’m happy for him. Hats off to him. »

Paul Bernardoni (keeper of Angers) “I don’t really know what’s going on, he’s crushing my arm, it’s very painful, we’re going to do some exams. Like our season, we take avoidable goals but we also show great things. The goal we put, we worked on it all week, but we pay for our little mistakes. You never get used to losing, it’s always so painful.

We were backing up a lot, we weren’t going up the boulder. We have to move forward, we have set ourselves the objective of getting 17 points, there are three games left. (At the end of the season) For now I’m still Angevin, I still have a year of contract. I did not have the choice (to leave room), I am a competitor. We are doomed, the club decides something else. Yahia was perfect with me, I will be perfect with him. »

“It’s a dark season but the players fight and adhere”

Alexandre Dujeux, coach of Angers

Alexandre Dujeux (Angers coach) : “This match is a bit the story of this end of the season, a match with interesting content but one more defeat. I had put one more player on the width because OM are starting their actions like that. We managed to take advantage of ball recoveries in the first half. We open the score at the half hour on an action that we had worked on, proof that the players adhere. There are reasons for satisfaction but errors and shortcomings explain our ranking. At 1-0 I tell myself that the match is still very long. OM’s second goal bothers me because the player enters the box too easily, and when he enters it’s too difficult to intervene.

The equalizer comes too quickly but we had suffered a few crosses like that and Alexis Sanchez dives well in the back, his call is sharp, the ball (by Clauss) is given in the correct tempo. Sima’s hand closes the match, at 3-1 it’s difficult. It’s a dark season but the players fight and adhere, they want to take points despite this catastrophic record.

The future ? The club will make its decision (this week) and I am very quiet. I’m in place and I may be on the list (of the next coach, in L2), the outcome is expected next week. I’m having fun despite everything and I’m taking advantage of the situation to try to progress. I did not have an appointment and I was not told about the defined project (for next season). »

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