Matthew Clarkin (Biarritz) denounces a “betrayal” of certain players worried about their future

Matthew Clarkin (Biarritz) denounces a “betrayal” of certain players worried about their future

This Friday, the newspaper South West published an article returning to the turbulent news within the Biarritz club. While president Jean-Baptiste Aldigé has already indicated to the group of players that he intends to leave in the offseason, as has owner Louis-Vincent Gave, several members of the team have recently expressed their concern about their future at short term.

The manager of Biarritz Olympique, the New Zealander Matthew Clarkin, did not mince his words concerning the latter during the press conference before the match against Nevers this Friday evening (9:10 p.m.), speaking of a “huge disappointment”. “It’s hard to escape the feeling of betrayalhe explained. Apart from our duty as an employee in a company, in a club, we also have a code of life in a group. Yes, they are free spirits and it is never pleasant to see certain anonymous elements speaking, who are therefore not ready to assume their words. »

“The players spoke to say nothing”

Matthew Clarkin, soundtrack manager

Clarkin continued his remarks in a still dry tone, targeting in particular the players who testified anonymously in an article published by South West Tuesday. “Finally, they spoke up to say nothinghe added. I have hired professional rugby players and I think most know how to make sense of things. […] The case is closed. » Lucas Peyresblanques, former BO hooker currently at Stade Français, reacted ironically on social media with a “laughing” emoji.

Before Matthew Clarkin’s press conference, Mathieu Giudicelli, the general manager of Provale (the players’ union) reacted to the precarious situation experienced by the BO players: “Players and their families are suffering, have no view on their future. These conditions are untenable. This must stop and employees must be fixed on the future of their jobs. »

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