"Mauvais Ordre", by Lomepal, or the story of a rapper in love

Rapper Lomepal in 2022.

Lomepal likes to shake up the order of things, starting with the codes of the register that saw him born as an artist: rap. It is the same with his third album, Wrong Order, published Friday, September 16. Already, in 2017, he had broken the aesthetic rules with his first, Flipon the cover of which he appeared made up as a woman, displaying his sensitivity in the song Eyes say. In 2018, with Jeannine, he drove the point home by shifting his music towards song and choosing a theme that went against the tide of city stories, the life of his family under the influence of a psychotic grandmother. Two albums that have won the votes of the public, the first being certified platinum disc, and the second, diamond disc.

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The rapper, whose real name is Antoine Valentinelli, 30, cultivates his writing on this new opus, and admits from the first title: “I put the right words in the wrong order, I got it all mixed up again. » It is up to the listeners to piece together the puzzle of his thoughts and appropriate the meaning of his songs. He leaves clues and references. His ever-informative album cover features him in silhouette, dwarfed by the close-up face of a young woman. Lomepal, the sensitive, tells, in fact, with small impressionistic touches, a love story that obsesses him, drives him crazy and almost drives him to suicide: "It's nothing but a small cut, of course I'm not going to 'die' [« mourir », en anglais] »he hints on the song Roughly.

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In the interlude skit itrecorded, it seems, during a studio session, he even explains the approach of the album: the story of a single guy, who goes into contact with others but is only in the loneliness, rehashing the memory of a woman: "There's only one girl, who comes back, but we don't know if it's her ex or if it's her ideal or if it's her childhood sweetheart..." Like in the movie The Truman Show (1998), by Peter Weir, he explains, where the main character, locked up in a reality TV show, is bewitched by a woman.

Hook-up genius

The music of Wrong Order is resolutely organic, the hip-hop beats on which several songs like Wrong Order, 50°, Etna are played on drums. Recorded mainly with musicians, the disc mixes heavy atmospheres and unstoppable groove like the chorus ofRoughlywho tells this "little notch"this comedy played by the spurned lover, who thinks he is solid: “I would like us to act as if you had not left the house two seasons ago”, he sings in this song. Lomepal has a genius for hooks. Each song is launched by a verse that irremediably sets the scene, like the irresistible hazard : “You are the love of my life but it's not my only life. »

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