Maxime Leroy, the king of feather workers

By Ariane Bavelier




PORTRAIT – Prize for young creation of crafts in 2018, this 34-year-old artist creates real masterpieces with feathers. An exhibition is dedicated to him at the Paul Dupuy museum in Toulouse.

And him, his feather thing, what is it? We wonder as we cross the hundreds of meters of corridor that connect the Red Mill at home February, in the 18e arrondist in Paris, where Maxime Leroy has set up his office. Boas, pink turkey or ostrich? The headdresses, in red pheasant? No. The craftsman hands you a drink, ice cubes in the bottom, slice of lemon on the edge of the gl and sprig of rosemary. So what? “RLook closely, it’s a feather tail, he said. Lemon is made with goose and ostrich scraps for the trick. The alveoli, with the base of the feathers. And the sprig of rosemary is from the neck of a rooster.” Perfect illusion.

Next to it, a bouquet of mimosa with fluffy flowers blooms in a vase. Mimosa at the end of April? Maxime Leroy has fun: “The tradition of artificial flowers is part of the history of featherwork. The leaves are emu feathers which have the same graphic design, and the flowers are made by tying ostrich barbs.” We applaud…

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