McDonald’s changes the recipe for its famous Big Mac to face competition

Bread, cheese, salad… After 7 years of development, the famous fast-food brand brings around fifty innovations to its flagship hamburger, to improve “quality”. They are, for the moment, only visible in the United States.

It’s a small revolution taking place at the famous brand with the yellow M. After seven years of development, McDonald’s is revisiting for the first time the recipe for its flagship burger: the Big Mac. More than fifty modifications have been made to it, including more generous portions of sauce, from 9 to 14 grams per sandwich or even thicker bread to keep the heat.

The lettuce, cheese and pickles have been redesigned to be fresher and more tender, the bread is now a buttery brioche, with sesame seeds scattered more randomly for a homemade look», reveals the Wall Street Journal . Everything has been thought out down to the smallest detail, such as cooking six steaks simultaneously, compared to eight previously, or even taking the cheese out of the fridge earlier so that it is smoother in the burger. If these culinary changes are, for the moment, only visible in the United States, they should one day reach restaurants across the Atlantic.

With its innovations, McDonald’s does not want to leave any room for its competitors. Other fast food chains, like Five Guysrely in particular on a burger of “luxury» with quality products. Enough to give ideas to the Chicago-based firm, which seeks to improve its products, as Chris Young, director of menu strategy, explains: “We can do them quickly and stay in our comfort zone but it doesn’t necessarily taste good. We therefore want to integrate quality.» Despite these developments, the brand ures, the prices of the Big Mac will not be increased, even if each franchisee sets its own prices.

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Golden burgers

With its strategy, McDonald’s seeks to maintain its lead over its competitors. In the United States, the group recorded an increase in its in-store sales of 10.3% in 2022, compared to 3.9% for Wendy’s or 2.2% for Burger King. Despite this advance, McDonald’s image has been tarnished over the years and ranks 13th among American chains in terms of the desirability of its burgers, shows a Technomic study. A quarter of respondents find them attractive, compared to 52% for Burger King. Once again, McDonald’s has the solution, and displays numerous adver on American soil highlighting its “best burgers ever“.

In the United States, fast food is at the heart of Americans’ daily lives, with 68% of them eating hamburgers at fast food restaurants at least once a month, according to research firm Datential. The American market is feeling this with $136 billion in annual sales of hamburgers in the catering sector, notes Euromonitor. Enough to make McDonald’s want to keep a place of choice in this competitive sector.

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