Medvedev dominates Rublev at ATP Masters

The Russian with five titles in 2023 easily beat his compatriot on Monday evening in Turin.

Daniil Medvedev, world No.3, dominated his Russian compatriot Andrey Rublev (5th) Monday during the 2nd day of the ATP Masters in Turin.

Medvedev, after a contested first set, took off in the second set to win 6-4, 6-2 in this red group match.

Solid on his serve (10 aces), the Russian with five titles in 2023 first won the first set after a final close game during which Rublev missed four break points.

Calmer than his friend and opponent of the evening – who sometimes showed signs of annoyance during his missed opportunities to come back – Medvedev nevertheless had to wait for his fourth set point to win 6-4.

The rest was simpler for the world No.3, while Rublev could not resist in the second round. Medvedev then served to win after a little over 1h30 of play.

The second victory will be the most important, that’s why this tournament is so special» he then declared, recalling that “it’s the only tournament in the year where in the event of a defeat (in the first match, editor’s note) you can still qualify for the rest“.

I’m happy to start with a victory because at least I don’t have to worry and say to myself ‘I must win, the others must lose’», added the Russian who won in 2020.

Daniil Medvedev takes the lead of the red group ahead the German Alexander Zverev, earlier defeater of the Spaniard world No.2 Carlos Alcaraz 6-7 (3/7), 6-3, 6-4. The latter will face Rublev on Wednesday while Medvedev and Zverev will be opposed.

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