meeting between the social partners and the Minister of Labor this Monday, September 19

This weekend, the CFDT and François Bayrou warned the executive about the temptation to go too fast on this explosive file.

The government is once again bringing together the social partners to discuss of one of the most explosive files of the quinquennium. This Monday morning, at 9 a.m., the Minister of Labour, Olivier Dussopt, will receive these actors during a "consultation meeting on our pension system“, we learned from the rue de Grenelle. The opportunity also to examine the conclusions of the Pensions Orientation Council (COR), posted last weekend.

Invited to Sunday in Politics on France 3, the minister explained that this meeting was primarily aimed at building a consensus around the COR report. "Everyone has an interpretation that can be their own“, acknowledged Olivier Dussopt, adding to expect discussions on the assumptions made by the experts to make their calculations. In addition, the executive wishes to take advantage of this meeting to determine which social partners "share the same desireto transform the pension system. Improving the pension system will, however, have to go through measures to ensure the viability of the whole, he warned: “I hear all the requests [...] but I am also waiting for proposals“, nuanced the member of the government.

The Minister, who is awaiting the publication of a "opinion of the pension monitoring committeeat the end of next week, also confirmed that the notion of pivotal age, central to the systemic reform carried out by Edouard Philippe, was abandoned. However, he remained vague on the precise parameters towards which the Élysée wishes to progress, contenting himself with recalling that retirement at 65 was not a "totem".

An amendment to the PLFSS would lead to “the frontal opposition» of the CFDT

A few hours earlier, the High Commissioner for Planning, François Bayrou, issued a formal warning to the executive in an interview published by The Parisian . "I am opposed to forced passage. If we embark on this path, then we are sure to first unite the oppositions between them, then to divide French society.“, warned the relative of Emmanuel Macron, questioned on the possibility of modifying pensions via an amendment to the social security budget (PLFSS), this fall. "I happen to be the one carrying out this reform. [...] Today, all hypotheses are open and on the table“, replied Olivier Dussopt, adding that an amendment made “part of the possible procedures".

There is no doubt that the tabling of an amendment would trigger a torrent of reactions: the oppositions and all the trade union organizations are upwind against this track. Even within the reformist CFDT, the hypothesis makes people jump: "If they decide to go through the PLFSS, we will be in direct opposition“, Hammered the union boss, Laurent Berger, on Sunday. "The CFDT will be upwind and in opposition. […] We will oppose it by all means."he hammered then, adding that his organization would also leave the National Refoundation Council (CNR), in this case. The executive is notified.

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