Meeting in Rio Grande will discuss offshore and nearshore wind energy

The high potential for generating offshore wind energy (at sea) and nearshore (in lagoons) in Rio Grande do Sul has caused this issue to be widely debated in the State. The next event to address this topic, promoted by Union of the Renewable Energy Industry of Rio Grande do Sul (Sindienergia-RS)will be a seminar that will take place at the Centro de Convívio dos Meninos do Mar (CCMAR), in Rio Grande, on Tuesday (31), from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm.

A Director of Operations and Sustainability at Sindienergia-RS, Daniela Cardeal, remembers that this is the second meeting in the city of Metade Sul this year to address the topic. As of this Thursday (26), 87 registrations had already been registered to participate in the event. A diverse audience is expected, with entrepreneurs, academics, the local community, fishermen, environmentalists, representatives of public authorities, the Lagoa dos Patos Forum, the Brazilian Navy, the oceanographic museum, among others.

To get an idea of ​​the potential of offshore wind generation in Rio Grande do Sul, until July there was processing at Ibama, seeking environmental licensing, 24 projects of this type to be installed in the State. These complexes have a capacity of 61,719 MW (the highest volume recorded so far in the country). The number is immensely higher than the approximately 1,800 MW of onshore wind power that total the installed capacity currently operating on Rio Grande do Sul soil.

The state’s lakes also have a vocation for this energy production. According to preliminary data from the Rio Grande do Sul government, the potential of Lagoa dos Patos for wind generation it is up to 24.5 thousand MW, while the Mirim and Mangueira lagoons would have capacity, respectively, for 7.3 thousand MW and 2.1 thousand MW. However, the possibility of installing wind turbines in these locations still faces a lot of opposition from fishermen and environmentalists.

Daniela argues that communication and dissemination of information are essential to overcome possible restrictions on nearshore wind generation. “It is not a new model, the wheel is not being invented”, emphasizes the member of Sindienergia-RS. She comments that the Netherlands is a country that has experience in this area and the union is working with the emby and that country’s development agency to format two Gaucho missions to visit businesses nearshores, next year, that operate in that European nation. Furthermore, in 2024 three more seminars will be held in Rio Grande do Sul, in the South, Middle and North coast regions, to deal with nearshore and offshore wind generation.

Still in the field of energy, by the end of October the arrival at the port of Rio Grande of 20 wind blades which will be used in the construction of CGT Eletrosul’s Coxilha Negra Wind Farm, in Santana do Livramento. However, according to the Portos RS press office, the new estimate is that the equipment, which left the port of Pecém, in Ceará, will enter Rio Grande do Sul by November 9th.

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