Meeting in Saint-Denis: “It will be without me”, responds socialist Olivier Faure to Emmanuel Macron

For the Socialist Party (PS), it will be no. Invited by Emmanuel Macron to a new “Saint-Denis meeting” with the leaders of political parties on November 17, the First Secretary of the PS Olivier Faure declined the invitation this Monday. “It’s no” because “I don’t want to suppress Parliament, I believe in democracy,” he said on Public Senate.

According to him, the president “suggests” with these meetings “that there would be a form of new circle”, “with a few happy few, a privileged few who would have the chance to speak with the head of state, the party leaders who would mess with each other” but there was “never a consensus on any subject” with during previous meetings, he said.

Olivier Faure believes that the leaders of political parties are invited to “come and validate the deal he wants to make with the right and the extreme right”, Emmanuel Macron said he was open to modifying the Constitution to allow the holding of referendums on end of life and immigration. “I will not participate in this deal Never. I I’m not there to hold the candle (…) It will be without me,” he insisted.

On the left, La France insoumise (LFI) was reserved about participating in a new meeting between party leaders and the President of the Republic. On the side of the ecologists, an official response will be given on Tuesday but the entourage of the party leader, Marine Tondelier, emphasizes that her presence would make it possible to discuss environmental and social justice issues, and to push for a ceasefire. in Gaza since international issues will be discussed. The Communist Party authorities must raise the issue during the day this Monday.

Broaden the scope of the referendum

This meeting of November 17, the third, follows those already organized August 30 and October 12, the latter entirely dedicated to the conflict between Hamas and Israel. Its objective is to broaden the scope of the referendum to “societal questions”, around bills “relevant to so-called questions societal such as the end of life sometimes mentioned, but also broader reforms, as is the case migration issues which relate to sovereign, economic, social or even diplomatic matters,” wrote the President of the Republic in the missive written Friday and received Sunday evening by the leaders of the parties represented in the embly.

“Our responsibility is to overcome our divisions in the interest of the country,” insisted Emmanuel Macron. He also proposes lowering the threshold to one million voters, compared to nearly five million currently, to allow the organization of a shared initiative referendum (RIP). In the same vein, he suggests lowering the number of parliamentarians required (93 against 185) and “also giving citizens the opportunity to take the initiative” of this RIP, “while today only parliamentarians can start the procedure. Introduced in a constitutional reform in 2008, no RIP has yet been successful, as the criteria are so complex.

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