melancholy my non troppo by Nanni Moretti

By Eric Neuhoff



Nanni Moretti plays Giovanni, a director whose life is falling apart. Sacher Films/Fandango/The Pact/France 3 Cinema

IN COMPETITION – The Italian filmmaker, who is competing for the Palme d’Or, films a director who encounters many difficulties to shoot his new feature film. A very successful foray into his mental landscape without any vanity.

The future is not what it used to be. The past is no longer alike. In the streets of Rome, electric scooters have replaced Vespas. Modernity soils our memories, even the most beautiful. Everything scampers off. Everything falls apart. Giovanni can’t finish his film. His wife leaves him – what could be more normal: she was going to see a psychoanalyst. His daughter falls in love with a Polish man in his sixties. His producer leaves him in the lurch. It’s not going well, on the side of Cinecitta.

Nanni Moretti, with his slight Vittorio Gman-like strabismus, embodies this director who has seen too much in Towards a bright future. Around him, no one knows what the PCI was. People now imagine that the Communists were all Russians. Launching into a fiction set when Soviet troops invade Budapest, what an absurd idea. History, in 2023, has lost its capital letter. The filmmaker takes us into his mental landscape, built on loyalties and regrets.

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