MEP LR Arnaud Danjean criticizes Macronist double talk between France and Europe

Arnaud Danjean. François BOUCHON/Le Figaro

Blamed on the left, the presidential remarks were seen by the LRs as the announcement of the moratorium on environmental constraints, desired on the right.

When, last Thursday, Emmanuel Macron proposed a “break» in European environmental regulations, Arnaud Danjean could not help but see in it the new proof of a double discourse. For MEP LR, vice-president of the EPP (European right) in the European Parliament, this is a heavy tendency of macronism that he has already observed on energy and immigration, beyond the ‘environment. “For three years, on these themes, Macronist MEPs have voted exactly the opposite of what Emmanuel Macron says or writes. It’s very striking“, he criticizes, referring to the successive episodes of these”contradictions“.

The latest dates back to May 10, 2023: during a plenary debate requested by the EPP to denounce the excessive constraints weighing on farmers, the macronists oppose the right and “rather defend a total application of the green pact“. They advocate a policy that has nothing to do with the “break» that the president will propose the next day…

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