Mercado Livre begins operating in a logistics park in Rio Grande do Sul

The Latin American e-commerce giant, Argentina’s Mercado Livre (ML), is already operating at a frenetic pace in the logistics complex in the Metropolitan Region of Porto Alegre (RMPA). The company debuted on Thursday (14) at Ecoparque Lourenço & Souza, in Sapucaia do Sul, with a flow of vehicles 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A Minuto Varejo column reported, last July, that the company would set up shop in the complexafter a long negotiation, which began in 2020.

Mercado Livre chose Sapucaia do Sul, after giving up, in mid-2020, having a distribution center in Gravataí. At the time, there was also disagreement about state taxation in the type of sales carried out through digital platforms, with sellers using the website to carry out transactions and issuing invoices to buyers. According to the State Treasury, there are no more difficulties or issues that could cause any setbacks this time.

“We already have the long-awaited operation (from Mercado Livre) and with a high quality structure”, highlighted Vilmar Lourenço, one of the co-owners. “E-commerce is one of the segments that moves the most and demands this type of logistics. We are privileged, as we are within a radius of 100 kilometers with 3.5 million to 4 million inhabitants”, explains one of the owners. The focus of ML’s new and first operation is this scope. The ML operation has 100 direct workers and should soon reach more than 200.

At the start of the operation in the morning, for example, there are more than 200 vehicles, including trucks and cars from providers who make deliveries in the cities, entering and leaving the site due to the demand from the Argentine group. The complex is close to BR-116. Access to several highways, including BR-448, BR-386 and RS -118, is one of the complex’s strengths in attracting operators, says manager Filipe Christianetti.

Retired couple Neusa Nunes and Edison Fernandes started working for the company last week, since the launch of the CD. “We are trying out this new job that will give us extra money”, comments the couple. “We are very satisfied, the routine is very busy, we know several places and talk to people”, comments Neusa, who is in the penger seat of the couple’s vehicle, separating the orders with yellow packaging and putting together the delivery route.

In the back seat are more boxes that were removed from the CD to be delivered.
“We p here once a day and then follow the addresses”, explains Fernandes. The couple lives in Cachoeirinha, but operates in other cities in the RMPA.

Mercado Livre occupies an area of ​​7.5 thousand square meters of the complex, with a ceiling height of 12 meters, which creates strong conditions for storing and mobilizing goods. Security and access control are intense. The ML operation has 100 direct workers and should soon reach more than 200.

It is already the largest occupant of the complex, which also has TW Transportes, Tintas Killing and, more recently, Oscar Calçados, which purchased the Paquetá store chain. Gedore should be installed in October. DGtech, a medical equipment company, will also operate at the site.

There are currently 14 companies in the area, which has been operating since 2021. Today there is 65 thousand square meters of capacity, with 11 thousand square meters available. Between 2025 and 2026, Ecoparque Lourenço & Souza will reach 120 thousand square meters. 15 thousand square meters are being implemented, with completion expected in early 2024, says Christianetti. The contribution exceeds R$200 million so far.

Segura Logística, from São Paulo, which serves the technology segment, such as 5G equipment, also recently set up shop, with around 40 employees. “It’s another step for us to advance in an extremely competitive market, by bringing in names with so much weight. The project is in high demand due to the condominium profile, which is within the urban axis, close to the workforce and the context of the functioning city”, highlights the manager.

Rio Grande do Sul also has the Amazon DC, which is in Nova Santa Rita and has already been expanded. There were some reductions in the structure of other groups. Americanas, in crisis, reduced the area in a logistics park in Gravataí by half. Carrefour withdrew the operation from the former BIG in Nova Santa Rita, but Lojas Colombo ended up with the space at 3SB Parque Logístico.

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