Messi and Ronaldo pose together for a French brand

THE SPORT SCAN – The two footballers posed for the Louis Vuitton brand and each posted the photo on their social networks.

A photo that weighs no less than twelve Ballon d’Or. On Instagram, Lionel Messiseven-time winner of the Supreme Individual Award, and Cristiano Ronaldofive times honored by France Soccerpose for a major fashion brand.

To a few hours from the opening of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, Leo Messi and cristiano pose together for the Louis Vuitton brand. The two football stars mime a game of chess, on a trunk from the prestigious French brand.

30 million “likes” in a few hours

Victory is a state of mind. A long tradition of trunk craftsmanship photographed by Annie Leibovitz“, write the two footballers in the caption of the photo. They each posted the photo to their Instagram accounts as, “paid partnership.The 73-year-old American photographer, followed by more than 800,000 people, also published this photo.

A snapshot that has toured the football planet, and amazed the fans of the two men, in just a few moments. It has been “liked” more than 13 million times in almost three hours on the Argentine’s account. Better than his last 20 publications. The Portuguese, among the most influential personalities of this social network, received 16 million “likes” on the photo, described as “picture of the century» by the media 433.

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