“Messi was to become world champion” the remarkable exit of Van Gaal who cries conspiracy

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Discreet, Louis van Gaal signed a resounding media return. Invited to speak about his last match with the Netherlands, the former coach of the Oranjes insinuated that the coronation of Argentina was “premeditated”.

What if everything was already decided in advance? In any case, this is what the former coach of the Netherlands insinuates Louis Van Gaal. For him, there is no doubt that Argentina’s victory at the World Cup last December would have been made easier to allow Lionel Messi to finally lift the trophy.

Very discreet since his departure from the post of coach of the “OrangesLouis van Gaal is discreet in the media because of his health problems. At 72, the former Dutch player turned coach is trying to treat prostate cancer. On the occasion of a gala in which he participated and where he received an award for his entire career, the microphones were stretched towards him.

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Asked about the defeat of the Netherlands in the quarter-finals of the last World Cup in Qatar, the former coach of the Batavian formation implied that the final coronation of Argentina was planned in advance. He even went further by insinuating that everything was organized to facilitate the long-awaited coronation of Lionel Messi: “Look how Argentina scored, how we scored and how some Argentinian players crossed the line unpunished, I think it was all premeditated.»

I mean everything I say. That Messi should become world champion? I think so, yes.he clarified. Nearly nine months after a cruel defeat on penalties, the pill is struggling to p for van Gaal.

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