Meta’s record sanction puts Brussels under pressure

By Ingrid Vergara



Meta’s European headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. JC MILHET/Hans Lucas via AFP

The American group will have to suspend data flows to the United States if an agreement is not reached in the summer.

A real clap of thunder in the transatlantic sky. The record fine of 1.2 billion euros inflicted by the Irish data policeman on the American group Meta (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) sounds like a warning to all the large companies that p personal data flows from Europe to the United States.

On Monday, the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC), acting on behalf of all EU regulators, condemned Meta for continuing to send personal data of European Meta users to servers in the United States. United, after the invalidation in July 2020 of an agreement governing data transfers between the two geographical areas.

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The Court of Justice of the European Union (CUEJ) had rejected this agreement (after a first one already canceled in 2015), known as “Privacy Shield”. She felt that it did not guarantee the data of European citizens transferred to the United States a level of…

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