Metz stumbles on Le Havre and remains at the foot of the podium in Ligue 2

The game: 1-1

The 15,000 spectators present at the Saint-Symphorien stadium on Monday evening hoped that FC Metz would be runners-up to Le Havre at the end of the last match of the 27th day of Ligue 2. But for that, their proteges had to win against the leader, undefeated for 24 matches before the meeting. Everything went perfectly for the Grenats in the first period. The constant pressing they exerted put pressure on Le Havre who were guilty of numerous faults. Arouna bloody notably tripped Georges Mikautadze and received the first yellow card of the match (12th).

On Messi’s first strike of the match, Youssef Maziz opened the scoring (20th). Following this goal, Laszlo Bölöni’s team left the ball to the Normans who did not really know what to do with it. They did not fire a single shot at Alexandre Oukidja’s goal before the break. Luka Elsner insisted that his players take the depth, nothing worked.

The Slovenian manager had to find the right words at the break as Richardson equalized just after the start of the second half. The 21-year-old midfielder eliminated Danley Jean-Jacques at the entrance to the penalty area and followed up with a shot in the opposite corner. The first goal conceded by Metz who remained on five clean sheets in a row. In a second half much more unbridled than the first, Maziz tried to react immediately after the equalizer but he crossed his shot too much (47th).

A total of 19 shots were counted in the second act, for only six on target. Quentin Cornette, Le Havre’s top scorer this season, could have given his side the advantage in the 50th, but Oukidja intervened with his powerful shot from 20 meters.

Le Havre continues its series of matches without defeat in the Championship (28), but does not take advantage of the draw from Bordeaux to Sochaux (1-1) to increase their lead. Metz is not on the podium at the moment. The Lorraine are two points behind second, Bordeaux.

Player: Youssef Maziz

The Moselle attacking midfielder was at the origin and conclusion of the Metz goal. He shifted Ablie Jallow down the right lane and continued his run to receive the cross. He then showed himself to be dangerous on several occasions. In addition to his shot just after the equalizer for Le Havre, he half-volleyed a cross from Matthieu Udol in the 71st but his ball was too crossed. He also made his right paw speak on set pieces. His corner in the 78th could have given a goal if Xhuliano Skuka had not uncrossed his head too much.


Metz has not lost for 14 matches in the Championship. His last defeat was against Le Havre (2-0), during the 13th day.

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