Mexico: The largest group of illegal immigrants this year is heading towards the US border

Over 3 thousand illegal immigrants are being headed from southern Mexico to the border with the United States, Mexican media reported on Thursday, citing local police. This is the largest group of migrants from Latin American countries going to the USA this year.

Milenio TV notes that in recent months, groups of illegal immigrants trying to get to the United States have been dominated by Cuban citizens entering Mexico from Guatemala.

The phenomenon is confirmed by the independent Cuban website CiberCuba, according to which the group blocking one of the roads in the state of Chiapas, in the southeast of Mexico, is dominated by Cubans.

Local police confirmed that the number of over 3,000 immigrants, the group caused traffic chaos on the route between the Guatemalan city of Escuintla and the Mexican city of Huixtla, blocking the road in order to obtain permission for free transit through Mexico.

“We want documents!”, “The United Nations will never be defeated!” – chanted members of the immigrant group recorded by local media.

CiberCuba reported that in the crowd heading to the United States, in addition to Cubans, there are also citizens of Haiti and Venezuela. There are approximately 2,000 people in the group. minors. (PAP)

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