Michel Biero, the Alsatian who sells Lidl to the French

PORTRAIT – Thanks to its shocking formulas, the number two of the German retail brand promotes a brand that has been poorly known and misunderstood for a long time.

“We are still in a country of crazy people!” Michel Biero does not speak the teak language. The talkative troublemaker of retail has found its tone and its style. His remarkable media appearances, his good relations with Emmanuel Macron and its Ministers of Agriculture make it an audible spoilsport in difficult times. “Crazy, this country” where angry, low-paid farmers destroy big box stores, where consumers prefer well-known, expensive brands that hurt the farmers

According to Michel Biero, the Equalim law failed to protect producers from the behemoths of the agri-food industry. The main responsible for this situation is, according to him, the economic modernization law (2008) which puts the large groups in a position of strength to negotiate”, he tells us, making a long demonstration, felt-tip pen in hand, in front of the whiteboard in the meeting room of the German distributor’s headquarters, near Rungis.

We are not financiers like Carrefour, we keep a sense of simplicity

Michael Biero

Lidl’s number two…

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