Michel Drucker: “I feel like a survivor”, reacts the host after his operation

The news is rather reuring. Michel Drucker gave information on his health this Thursday morning, a few months later another heart operation. “I’m fine”, began by reuring the 80-year-old host at the microphone of RTL, explaining that he “felt like a ghost, a survivor”.

The historical figure of France Television explained to have “crossed extremely complicated periods in terms of the heart over the past three years”. First, he had to be operated on for infective endocarditis of the mitral valve in 2020. A surgical procedure from which he “did not think (to) recover anytime soon”. But Michel Drucker has “taken back the hair of the beast”. “It took months but I got back in shape.”

Unfortunately, “exactly the same thing happened to me a few months ago,” he revealed to RTL. “I had a fever and one evening”, after filming an episode of “Vivement dimanche”, “I could no longer stand up”, said the host. Medical tests revealed that he again had bacteria on his heart valve. At the end of last year, “we had to come to the conclusion that I dreaded: to operate again”.

Back on air in September

The octogenarian therefore had to p long weeks in the hospital under strict conditions, with a daily life punctuated by “blood tests, blood pressure, care”. “I was not allowed to have very long visits because it was tiring, (…) they had cut off my cell phone,” he said. It finally came out a few days ago.

From now on, he must concentrate on his rehabilitation. “I have a month of suffering because I have to recover nine kilos of muscle”, explained the host, specifying that the pain was important because his chest was “opened several times”.

However, he ures him, he will “of course” be back on the air in September, for the new season of “Vivement dimanche”. He will also be “part of the sports team that will participate at the 2024 Olympics he enthused.

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