Michel Drucker released from hospital after heart surgery

The emblematic host of “Vivement dimanche” has not been in the hands of the medical profession since the end of last week.

Michael Drucker got out of the hospital. Almost two months later, the television host left his “temporary residence“At the end of last week according to information from our colleagues from Parisian . He had undergone, at the beginning of the year, on March 21, a new operation of the mitral valve after the detection of a bacterium spotted during a battery of examinations.

“Michael is fine. We spoke for a long time on the phone on Friday., ured Stéphane Sitbon-Gomez, the director of antennas and programs of France Télévisions. According to the same information, Michel Drucker “Already has plenty of show ideas for next season and he’s gearing up for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris». And even if these days are no longer in danger, the place is now for rest and rehabilitation. He should therefore not be back on the air before the start of the school year, although he hoped re-intervene on his show “Vivement dimanche” before the end of the season.

Recurring health concerns

Indeed, he was to find his red sofa in mid-April but this date had been postponed due to hospitalization. The animator holding the record for longevity on the air had carried out, at the beginning of February, a check following his heavy operation of 2020. Already three years ago, Michel Drucker had been hospitalized for three months after serious health problems (infectious endocarditis, triple byp then infections of his scar). He also thought he came out of this event with “a new heart. I have a warrior’s mind“.

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