Michel Drucker’s text message to Pascal Praud for RTL’s birthday

Michel Drucker’s text message to Pascal Praud for RTL’s birthday

In full recovery, the 80-year-old small screen owner joined the host to tell him of the pleasure he had working on the station, which is celebrating its 90th birthday.

“I tried to reach him. I wanted Michel Drucker to intervene with us. He can’t but he texted me.has explained Pascal Praud, Wednesday March 15, on RTL in “The listeners have the floor”. The owner of the small screen has indeed was recently hospitalized to pass a battery of medical examinations. The state of his health and a necessary rest do not allow him to resume the antenna as quickly as expected. To celebrate the 90th anniversary of the RTL station, Michael Drucker therefore split a message, read live by his younger brother.

I have fond memories of the RTL years. My first program was “RTL, it’s you”, which later became the slogan of an advertising campaign. This show took place outside, in a studio limo. But my strongest memory remains “The RTL suitcase” which still exists today in “Les Grosses Têtes”.Launched in 1974, “La Valise RTL” was a show in its own right, during which listeners, called at random, could win the amount previously announced on the air if they remembered the exact figure. A program intended to retain the audience, which will later integrate, in the form of a game, “Les Grosses Têtes”.

“Real People”

While working on Antenne 2 at the time, Michel Drucker multiplied his experiences on RTL. With “RTL, it’s you”, therefore, between 1974 and 1976, then “La Grande Parade” from 1976 to 1982. A program of which he had celebrated the thousandth, in February 1982, in the company of his lifelong friend Johnny Hallyday and a cake the size of a bass drum. “La Valise RTL”, Drucker animated it in parallel. In 1983, he will be on Europe 1, where we will hear him until 1987, then between 2008 and 2013.

“I criss-crossed France for ten years, because my show was once a week in the provinces”, continues Michel Drucker in his SMS, about “La Grande Parade”. This allowed him to meet the “real people”. His sports reports, for television this time, also enabled him to do so. “I learned to know real people and to distance myself from the Paris of sores and lesson givers”. The animator should precisely, if his health allows him, back on the road from September 2023 to present his show From you to me. As for “Vivement dimanche”, on France 3, we should see him there again from mid-April.

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