Michel Field justifies stopping Claire Chazal’s show

Guest of “Buzz TV”, the current director of the culture and live performance center of France Télévisions returned to the deprogramming of “Passage des Arts”.

If Michel Field was a journalist, writer but also radio host, it was with his hat as director of the Culture and Live Show department of France Télévisions that he was received this Wednesday at “Buzz TV”. The former presenter“At the Field of the Night”(TF1) came to promote the very first edition of the “Yellow Pieces Gala”. A concert event where fifteen artists mobilize to raise funds for hospitalized children and adolescents. A device in preparation for more than two months which will bring together at the Zénith de Paris key figures from the French and international scene.


Michel Field welcomes a “dazzling programming” with the presence of the K-pop group Blackpink whose “The tickets for their concert at Bercy sold out in ten minutes”. Add Pharrell Williams, Mika, Gims, Angèle, Michel PolnareffVianney and Gautier Capuçon who will perform under the watchful eye of Brigitte Macron and Didier Deschamps, sponsor of the Yellow Pieces this year. “A Great Show”he promises, which will be broadcast on France 2, this Saturday, January 28 from 9:10 p.m.

Michel Field also commented on the premiere of “Nice gesture», the cinema program of Pierre Lescure. Broadcast on Sunday in the second part of the evening, this program was watched by 300,000 viewers. “Pierre’s address book is a great asset for us“, he explains, quoting the first guests, namely Virginie Efira, Tom Hanks and Philippe Lacheau. If the magazine wishes to open up more to international guests, there is no question yet for the director of the cultural center to modify the late schedule of “Beau geste”.

“Cyril Hanouna bites the hand that fed him”

Michel Field reacts to Cyril Hanouna’s comments on public service subsidies

The cancellation of “Passage des Arts”, a decision that had made noise. Angry, presenter Claire Chazal explained to feel “a great feeling of injustice”. More philosophical, Michel Field tells, for “to have also lived it”, that it is “of the TV law” before adding that the program schedule is not expandable”. ““Passage des Arts” was of high quality but we had the impression that the viewers did not catch more than that”assures the former journalist, who officiated on the antennas of TF1 and LCI for nearly 25 years. “I understand the pain of Claire who made it known to all of Paris!”he concludes jokingly.

Alexis Michalik to “Molières”, his response to Hanouna

Michel Field is also preparing the “Molières 2023”. The ceremony which rewards live performance will be presented by Alexis Michalik. A joy for the cultural director of France Télévisions who confides “to kneel” in front of the director “For years” to accept this role.

Finally, the journalist was invited to react to the polemical remarks of Cyril Hanouna who would like “privatize the French public audiovisual sector”. “He bites the hand that fed him because he spent ten years in public service”he comments in reference to the ten years of the nicknamed “Baba” on France 4 before pointing out that “it didn’t seem to upset him at the time”. Michel Field wishes to remind Cyril Hanouna that each euro invested makes “live a cultural ecosystem”which makes the public service essential before inviting it to “talk to him about it”.

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