Michel Sardou offers his fans a new song more than 30 years old, “In what year Georgia”

Still there. Despite his 76 years, Michel Sardou does not let go of the song or the stage. As he prepares to hit the road again for a final tour (entitled “I remember a farewell) from October, the famous singer, to whom we owe timeless hits such as “ The Lakes of Connemara” or “Lovesickness”, spoils his fans.

Indeed, as a preamble to two best ofs to be published this Friday, September 22, Michel Sardou revealed the day before on BFMTV a completely new title, recorded more than 30 years ago: “In what year Georgia”.

A song that has fallen into oblivion

Recorded in 1992 but since fallen into oblivion, according to the continuous news channel, this co-written by Michel Sardou and Didier Barbelivien and composed by Jean-Pierre Bourtayre was found by chance, during the digitization of old tapes.

This title, which evokes the singer’s memories and his love for music, will appear on each of the two best-of CDs on sale this Friday. Entitled “Sardou – Intime” and “Sardou – Engagé”, these two albums will divide his greatest hits into two categories: the more sentimental and unifying songs on one side and the more political ones on the other.

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