Michel Sardou reacts to the “ridiculous” Connemara Lakes controversy

By Benjamin Puech

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Michel Sardou on Europe 1, in 2016. Screenshot Europe 1

The pillar of French song picked up the phone on Monday morning to sponsor Pascal Praud’s new show on Europe 1. He returned, good prince, to the criticisms made by the young singer.

Pascal Praud has an idea: that Juliet Armanet come sing with Michel Sardou during one of the concerts of his next tour in October. Connemara Lakes , For example. For its premiere on Europe 1, the former RTL host and leading face of the Bolloré group invited Michel Sardou from a distance.

He had warned the listeners of “Pascal Praud and you” that the singer, whom he chose as sponsor for this launch, would not raise angry subjects. The journalist finally did not resist and, between two compliments to the singer, invited him to speak on the subject. Sardou did not show much resistance. And even less bad spirit.

“I wish him a long career. Let’s refrain from making too long a controversy, we have all made blunders”

Michel Sardou on Juliette Armanet

“I don’t know this young woman, she said something stupid, it happens to everyone, it happens to me too, to you too, Pascal. She sent me a very nice email apologizing, I replied a very nice email. I don’tI have no reason to resent him. What amazes me is the proportion taken by this controversy over an Irish marriage. As a reminder, interviewed in a Belgian online media in early August, the singer in the wind Juliet Armanet had said the “disgust” what inspires him Connemara Lakescult song released in 1981. “It’s the scout, sectarian side, the music is filthy”, grimaced the interpreter of Last day of disco . Before adding: “It’s right, nothing is going”.

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A useless argument

Michel Sardou continues at the microphone of Europe 1: “When you write a song, you don’t write to please everyone, I write it to please as many people as possible, but obviously people won’t like it, it doesn’t matter, it’s not worth it. the trouble of triggering a ridiculous controversy where we no longer know what we are talking about. I wrote political songs, I know that but this one is not enough to start a civil war”. The singer, who is therefore back on stage from October with a show still in the run-in – which he promises to be grandiose -, shows himself to be a good prince with his colleague: “I wish him a long career. Let us refrain from making too long a controversy, we have all made blunders”.

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