Micro-apartments on the rise

The time is favorable for those who want to sell a property measuring up to 30m2. An unprecedented survey carried out by the real estate startup Loft, based mainly on adver for properties for sale from Auxiliadora Predial, Foxter and Guarida, showed that properties with this size, the so-called micro-apartments, were the only ones that increased in value in the first half of this year in Porto Alegre. Between January and July, the average value per square meter for this type of unit jumped from R$7,000 to R$7,300, well above the Capital’s average, which is R$5,800. Cidade Baixa, Azenha and Paternon are the neighborhoods with the largest supply of micro-apartments in the city.

Sicredi in Las Vegas

Infodive IT from PortoAlegre will be in Las Vegas (USA) from this Monday to Thursday participating in the IBM TechXchange. During the event, which takes place at the MGM Grand Hotel, details about the project developed with the client Cooperativa Sicredi and IBM will be presented. “It will be an opportunity to show how we arrived at the result that the cooperative considered satisfactory”, says the technology director, Adalberto Giaretta, accompanied by Gabriel Federizzi, Infra IT specialist at Sicredi.

Three beer festivals

The first 2023 edition, of a series of three, of the Dado Bier Beer Festival promoted annually by the Food Hall Dado Bier in Porto Alegre will take place on the 16th of this month. “The event will be a true immersion in the beer experience, bringing the atmosphere of street festivals into the Food Hall, but with all the comfort and infrastructure that only the environment provides”, explains Manoela Bertaso, the venue’s curator. In addition to the 16th, stages are scheduled on October 21st and November 18th.

FGTS 57 years in e-book

On the 13th of this month, when the FGTS turns 57, specialist Mario Avelino, president of the Workers’ Guarantee Fund Institute, will be launching the e-book “Guarantee Fund – 57 years of Gains and Losses” which tells the story of the worker’s largest savings, showing workers’ gains, and the main loss situations, how to avoid them and how to recover lost money, especially in the issue of monetary updating.

The appreciation of pork

The appreciation for pork has just gained a new dimension with the partnership between Frigorifico Santo André de Taquara (RS) and Churrasqueira Clarice Chwartzmann. They came together to launch a traveling event dedicated to valuing the unique flavors of pork, entitled “Porcaço”. The first edition will be on the 20th of this month as part of the Churras no Cais program, an event at Cais Embarcadero in Porto Alegre. The pork-based dishes will obviously be the highlight.

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