Microsoft expected to turn with the launch of the ambitious Starfield

By Chloe Woitier

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In June, the Starfield game was presented during a 45-minute live broadcast followed by 92 million Internet users. Bethesda/Microsoft

This Xbox console-exclusive sci-fi game could boost subscriptions to its Game P service.

Will Microsoft, like Netflix in 2016, live its “moment Stranger Things » ? On Wednesday, the American group will host the ambitious science fiction game Starfield on PC and on its Xbox Series console. Developed by Bethesda, a group acquired by Microsoft in 2021 for 7.5 billion euros, this epic through space has a heavy task on its shoulders: to offer Xbox the weighty exclusivity it has been waiting for. , above all, boost subscriptions to the Game P, Microsoft’s “Netflix of video games”. “Substantial resources have been committed to make Starfield a major game in the service of Game Punderlines Charles-Louis Planade, analyst at TP Icap. It’s a big blow, but now we have to wait for the reception of the public. Success can come in the long run.”

To explore the thousand planets of Starfield, consumers will have the choice between buying the game for 70 euros each, or subscribing to the Game P (from 10 to 15 euros per month) and…

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