Migrants, here’s what’s in the government’s decree: from humanitarian permits to more severe penalties for smugglers. Tick ​​law against corruption in hospitality

Migrants, here’s what’s in the government’s decree: from humanitarian permits to more severe penalties for smugglers.  Tick ​​law against corruption in hospitality

“Stricter rules on reception, a tightening on humanitarian permits”, the line of the League which insists on the need to return to Salvini’s security decrees. The Fdi line is to aim for the rules that will be included in tomorrow’s Council of Ministers in Cutro, then to open the discussion in Parliament. The Via Bellerio party once again calls for “the removal of those who do not have the right to stay in Italy as all other countries in the world do”. “We are preparing an important and balanced decree that reintroduces some rescue and safety rules,” said the deputy prime minister and infrastructure minister, Salvini. The text is still being worked on and the pre-council of ministers, initially convened for 4pm today, has been postponed to this morning at 8.30am. But the content of the decree could go directly to the Council of Ministers, explains a source. The parties are waiting to know what will be included. “We can’t discuss measures if we haven’t seen anything yet,” says a leading exponent of the Via Bellerio party. There is a hard line against smugglers and an aggravating circumstance in the event of shipwreck and the death of migrants. But the package will not only include contrasting measures: in addition to the intention to make the expulsions effective, with agreements with the countries of origin, the aim is also for rules to facilitate procedures for those who have what it takes to arrive in Italy, on new humanitarian corridors, on ad hoc funding for municipalities for inclusion activities, on greater openness to regular migratory flows, on strengthening reception centres. Prime Minister Meloni also looks to the European Council of 24 and 25 March. “A change of approach” by Europe is confirmed, “there must be some steps forward”, the migration issue – he underlined – “must be tackled starting from the defense of external borders and the fight against traffickers”. The prime minister who had already spoken for an hour with the Dutch prime minister Rutte on the sidelines of the last European Council found support on the fact that the issue of immigration cannot only concern the countries of arrival of migrants. FI and Lega insist on the need for convergence on the package of rules and there is also concern about the role of Parliament. “If we are not convinced by the rules, we will be free to express ourselves in the Chamber”, a ‘former lumbard’ makes clear. In reality, even in FdI there are those who raise the need for a preventive dialogue to avoid tears when the decree (but there could be more measures) which will have to pass the scrutiny of the Quirinale (“We are discussing”, explains an executive source) will come to the chambers. Meanwhile, in view of tomorrow’s Council of Ministers in Cutro, technicians are at work and, majority sources report, a rule is appearing to stop any other Soumahoro cases, introducing more controls on the realities that collect public money for hospitality. Furthermore, work is being done to reduce the constraints to create detention centers for repatriations (CPR) in order to facilitate expulsions.

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