Mika, multilingual singer, back with a new album

By Olivier Nuc

Published ,

Mika, last July. MARCO ZAC/NurPhoto via AFP

PORTRAIT– At 40, the pop star released her first French-language album. One more success to his credit.

Mika has just turned 40 but he looks at least ten years younger. Time seems to have no hold on this sparkling pop star, who reintroduced glamor and tangy choruses into Anglo-Saxon music. He had to reach this symbolic age to release his very first album in French. “It’s both a desire and a challenge. I realized, a few years ago, that when I agree to embark on a project without knowing how to succeed, it causes me an instability which wakes me up and stimulates me. he explains. A sort of rejuvenation for this language lover who likes nothing more than to question himself. “I always like learning new languages: it makes me feel like my brain is waking up in a different way.”

The singer could have done like so many others, going fishing for authors to create tailor-made texts for him. He preferred to involve himself body and soul in writing, never letting go…

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