Mika recounts in “50′ Inside” the school harment he suffered

VIDEO – The singer and coach of “The Voice” confides in Isabelle Ithurburu about difficult episodes from his childhood and how music saved him.

This Saturday, September 9, Isabelle Ithurburu receives the secrets of singer Mika in the portrait of the week from “50’Inside”. At the age of one, he arrived in France to escape the civil war in Lebanon. They spent their first years in the 16th arrondist of Paris. But when he was eight, his parents moved to London.

Mika then testifies in the TF1 program about a serious subject, that of school bullying: “It touches me a lot, especially because today I suffered from it in a certain way during much of my childhood”. With attention, the journalist who succeeded Nikos Aliagas since last week at the presentation of the celebrity magazine listens to his guest.

A professor who denigrates him

“I remember one of my first days of school in London. And I’m in pink shorts with little polka dots with another little shirt that I had chosen and I think I even had a bow tie.”Mika begins to tell. “Perfect, the boy dresses in a perfect way to fit in perfectly with his colleagues”he adds with a touch of humor.

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“I looked ridiculous through their eyes. But it’s also because I think I was different”, continues to testify the singer and coach of “The Voice”. In addition to his school friends who har him, one of his teachers denigrates him. Which causes total incomprehension in the little boy that he was. “And that’s where everything got turned upside down because in my head I could more or less contextualize, even though it wasn’t nice, but I could contextualize the fact that there were other kids doing it , but when it’s someone who is in a position of power and authority and who has to protect you… Well you don’t see it as harment. You really see it as if it’s your fault”analyzes Mika.

Music saved him

Fortunately, there is also music in the artist’s life which links this period to the worsening of his dyslexia: “I could read music before. To this day, I can no longer read music. I work in music, but I don’t read music. I do everything by ear”. Music saved him. He discovered the geniuses David Bowie and Prince.

“Why Bowie he can dress the way he does and no one says he’s ridiculous. Prince wears heels much bigger than my Lebanese aunts’ heels.Mika asked herself at the time. “And that’s why I was absolutely determined to do this, otherwise I couldn’t survive.”he then confides before claiming to have been “attracted to the world of music for its tolerance”.

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