Min. Niedzielski: There are about 4.5 thousand people working in Poland. doctors from abroad

Min. Niedzielski: There are about 4.5 thousand people working in Poland.  doctors from abroad

The number of foreign doctors working in Poland is about 4.5 thousand. This is less than 5 percent. all doctors – said Health Minister Adam Niedzielski on Thursday in RMF FM.

When asked about foreign doctors, including those from Belarus and Ukraine, who are already working in Poland, the Minister of Health replied that their number is currently around 4,500.

He explained that applications submitted by doctors are being examined. “We primarily verify the study program through national consultants. Of course, this path is simplified, because otherwise they would have to validate the diploma, which takes several years” – he noted, adding that at the moment such people do not have to take an additional exam.

At the same time, he reminded that doctors obtaining work in Poland thanks to a simplified procedure can only perform it under the supervision of a Polish doctor.

When asked if this means that a doctor who obtains a job under the facilitated procedure is not a full-fledged doctor, he explained that in fact he does not have specialist qualifications, but his qualifications are comparable to those of a doctor who has completed medical studies. He reminded that such doctors, during the five years during which they can work thanks to a simplified procedure, can at the same time follow the full admission path – nostrify a diploma or undergo a specialization in Poland.

“We managed to do two things. The first are foreign doctors. 5 percent it’s not much, but it’s noticeable. We managed to stop the outflow of doctors from Poland. However, the level of remuneration that we are currently ensuring in the system is a process that completely reverses the trend from recent years, when doctors left, we had a decreasing number from year to year, said the head of the Ministry of Health.

He emphasized that if we compare the number of doctors now with 2015, there are several thousand more in the system.

The Minister of Health was also asked about medical courses opened at universities. Niedzielski pointed out that all graduates – regardless of whether they studied at a medical school or in the field of medicine open at the university – pass the same exam, i.e. the Medical Final Examination (LEK).

“Each of these majors must meet the same conditions regarding staffing, professors and infrastructure. The applications are being examined by both the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education and Science” – he added.

Author: Aleksandra Kiełczykowska


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