Ministers: only one head sticks out and the air is rarefied

Posted Sep 5, 2023, 6:38 PM

They feared Gérald Darmanin but were preparing to counter him: they finally Gabriel Attal . The ministers meet this Wednesday in a seminar at Matignon, to praise as it should be the “governmental collective”, but with in reality only one idea in mind: how to exist when only one of them takes all the light.

Attal everywhere in the media, everywhere on ideas, and in a much more acceptable way than his colleague from the Interior did. Never against the president, not criticizing the results, not displaying his ambitions for the 2027 presidential election, openly of course. How much easier it was to hate Darmanin!

“Lateralization Strategy”

They are watching for his missteps of course. The Interior leaks the number of young girls keeping their abayas before Gabriel Attal does. Darmanin also cancels the lunch they were supposed to have together. Another minister awaits the moment when his star will fade: “He adopts the strategy of lateralization, he talks about abayas to avoid the real problems”. At Education, he will be forced to right himself, hopes another. But deep down, everyone observes his method in order to be better inspired by it. Attention, ambitions are released!

Innovate or even transgress: Clément Beaune (Transport) does so by speaking out in favor of surrogacy in “L’Obs”. React quickly: Aurore Bergé (Solidarités) is a fan, she invites herself to TF1’s “20 Heures” to respond to the call launched by Les Restos du Coeur .

Judo, a political discipline

Bruno the Mayor , overtaken by the one he had under his orders at Bercy, delivers the names of companies not playing the game on inflation. Aurélien Rousseau in Health, the other priority of the five-year term, tries to follow the media rhythm. As well as Elisabeth Borne who paradoxically owes her successful back-to-school moment to Gérald Darmanin. Dispatched to Tourcoing, she obtained in a speech to make him fall into line. But since then, she has been running behind Attal, trying to weigh in on the file of school harment. And too bad if his young minister does not seem to want to part with it.

Emmanuel Macron also participates in the movement. Have students plant trees, isolate schools, invest in sports equipment: each day has its announcement about the school. But politically, he has decided to turn this general race for light to his advantage. He pushes Darmanin then he sends Borne to calm him down, which consoles Le Maire, he encourages Attal before of course doing it for others. “He plays judo with each other”, summarizes a minister, a way like any other to stay at the center of the game.

Better a schoolyard that’s a little too hectic than a too obvious successor, he believes. Edouard Philippe, the darling of the polls, is back this week in “Paris match” to talk about… school.

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