Ministry of Mines and Energy requests technical opinion on Rio Grande Thermal

Less than a month after having meeting at the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) to discuss the project Thermoelectric Rio Grandeon April 26, again a delegation from the Gaucho government went to Brasilia to address the issue, however this time at the Ministry of Mines and Energy. This Wednesday (24) the group, led by Governor Eduardo Leitewas received in the federal capital by the Minister Alexandre Silveira. As a result of the meeting, the minister requested a technical analysis within 30 dayswhich will p through Aneel, to ess the possibility of continuity of the undertaking.

The proposal that is being put on the table by the plant’s investors is the change of contract model commercialization of thermal power generation. The new agreement would be sealed as reserve energy, in which the plants that are monetized in this way are used to increase security of supply in the National Interconnected System (SIN)complementing the available generation volumes and reducing the risk of shortages when hydroelectric reservoirs are low.

O Mayor of Rio Grande, Fabio Branco, who participated in the delegation at the Ministry of Mines and Energy, considered the meeting very positive. He points out that the presence of representatives of the ministry and Aneel in the same room to deal with the matter was very important. Branco also adds that Silveira rrecognizes the importance of the enterprise and, if there is a technical solution by Aneel, the initiative will continue.

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