Mohammed Aïssaoui joins the Renaudot Prize jury

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Mohammed Aïssaoui is the author of six books. F. Mantovani / Gallimard

The author, a journalist with Le Figaro littéraire, joined the famous jury for the Renaudot prize. He joins Dominique Bona, Frédéric Beigbeder, Jean-Noël Pancrazi…

The Renaudot jury, which awards its prestigious literary award each year, met on May 16, at Drouant, in Paris. He did not talk about the award he will present in November, but about the replacement of one of its members, Christian Giudicelli, who died on May 14one year ago.

It is Mohammed Aïssaoui, author of The Furcy Slave Affair(Renaudot essay prize, 2010), also a journalist at Le Figaro littéraire, who was elected by a jury vote. “I am very happy, he told us, because the members of this jury are great feathers.” Let us quote among others Le Clézio (Nobel Prize for Literature 2008), Dominique Bona, Franz-Olivier Giesbert, Frédéric Beigbeder… And to add: “I want to promote a demanding literature both in terms of content and form.”

He therefore joins a renewed jury. Before him, Stéphanie Janicot and the novelist Cécile Guilbert joined Renaudot, while Jérôme Garcin resigned the day after the Matzneff affair, and Louis Gardel, 81, who became the dean of the said prize, had decided to leave.

Mohammed Aïssaoui is the author of six books. The last The Tightrope Walkers(Gallimard), was in the running for the Goncourt 2020. Also a journalist, he first worked in the economics department of Le Figaro, before joining its Literary supplement in 2004.

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