, a service to help children (and their parents) master their smartphone

While many parents are thinking of offering a mobile phone to their child for Christmas, this new website provides them with practical advice to take this step.

A mobile under the tree, why not? Many children again this year have written the word “smart phoneon their list to Santa Claus, but be careful not to leave them alone in front of this screen., designed by the Tralalère teams at the initiative of Samsung, helps them get started with their first personal device.

In France the average age of equipment of the first telephone is 9.9 years. In 6th the majority of students are equipped. If the parents want above all to be reassured, to be able to stay in contact with their child who gains more autonomy by entering college, it is also necessary to have in mind some good reflexes., which is therefore a website accessible from any smartphone, tablet or PC, reminds us of the right things to do. It is also a question of explaining to a child that when creating a profile, it is better not to display their identity, choose a neutral avatar, not to post a photo of themselves and even less of their friends without their consent… But not only. The site also reminds that crossing the street without looking up from your smartphone is both dangerous and prohibited, as is driving a scooter (electric or not) with headphones in your ears. Advice is meant to bepragmatic and not dogmatic“. Thus, everyone is free to set or recommend to their child a daily limit on the use of their phone.

If 80% of the parents questioned, during an Ipsos survey carried out for Samsung Electronics, declare having already had a discussion with their child concerning the use of their telephone, more than one in two consider that they do not have the necessary tools for the TO DO. Similarly, nearly three-quarters believe that children are not sufficiently supported when they receive their first phone. And since children listen more often to the advice of third parties than that formulated by their parents, a little outside help is always welcome. Admittedly, the implementation of parental controls can make it possible to limit the hours spent in front of a screen. But with a dialogue, some measures are better understood. “It is necessary to explain to the children that the time spent in front of a screen will not or no longer be devoted to other activities and to encourage them to have other occupations.recalls Axelle Desaint, director of digital education at Tralalère and director of the Internet Without Fear program.

The advice is given in the form of a challenge, to be carried out on or with the parents. At the end of each activity, the key information to remember is summarized. Balance your screen time, play safely or even protect your smartphone: all the good reflexes to develop are covered. A quiz allows children to test their knowledge. Two difficulty levels are available. The beginner level does not require prior knowledge; the advanced level is intended for the most experienced or for users who have consulted the My challenge section. This can serve as a reminder, including for teenagers experienced in smartphone use.

Finally, a section, Parents’ Corner, is dedicated to parents. It includes specific advice to support children on the use of their telephone. Similarly, another section is intended for teachers.

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