Mont-de-Marsan angry with the LNR

In the Landes, the press release from the National Rugby League (LNR) had the effect of a bomb on Wednesday evening. “Stade Montois Rugby has been found responsible for “non-compliance with the regulations in terms of entertainment and/or the kick-off schedule”. Stade Montois Rugby is fined €10,000..

In question, the tribute paid to Julien Cabannes during the match against Rouen (47-17) on May 5 during the 30th and last day of the regular season of Pro D2. Twenty minutes from the end, the 33-year-old winger, accompanied by his two daughters who went to pick him up on the field, left the lawn in the middle of a guard of honor formed by the two teams. The entire André-et-Guy Boniface stadium then rose to a standing ovation and on social networks, the tribute was widely welcomed.

However, Mont-de-Marsan was first summoned by the Disciplinary and Regulations Committee of the LNR. At the club, we thought we would receive a simple warning letter, but no more. And no one imagined being sanctioned, what is more so heavily. The decision, particularly severe, does not p.

“We take a fine of 10,000 euros because a player, after 27 years at the club, went out under a guard of honor and because his two kids went to get himMons manager Patrick Milhet told us on Thursday morning. We are all angry. This decision has nothing to do in the world of rugby, it is dirtying our sport. It goes against all the decisions that we have instilled in our players since rugby school. I don’t understand. This decision goes against everything we are trying to convey. I wish there was common sense. »

Mont-de-Marsan will travel to Grenoble on Saturday (9:05 p.m.) in the Pro D2 semi-finals, a few hours after the meeting between Oyonnax and Vannes (3 p.m.).

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